So I recently bought a game via the Steam Winter Sale called 'ORION: Dino Horde'. I had heard rumors and of course saw the Metacritic score - but it was on sale and cheap so I said why not and went through anyways.

What followed was two monumental things. One of the most amazing games I had ever experienced and a white rabbit search behind the history of what could be one of the coolest game developers around.
I wanted to share this with you, if only to get your paws dirty while slapping some dinosaurs across the face with your friends.

'ORION: Dino Beatdown' (May 2012) was a horrible, wretched, ugly, baby-faced mess developed by first-timer Spiral Game Studios. Treated much like a Pokemon, they worked hard and evolved the game into a much more powerful form called 'ORION: Dino Horde' - a significantly better game released in April 2013.
It was given to all owners of 'ORION: Dino Beatdown' for no extra charge at all as a "digital thank you" (digital apology) from Spiral. It honestly went from a 2.0 to an 8.0 (in my opinion) and is one of the best gaming experiences out there - especially when coupled with friends.

However - Metacritic decided to attach all of the Dino Beatdown-related articles to this new an improved game, paving a road towards sequels and yearly rehashes rather than having a developer be allowed to own up to their mistakes and better their products and communities. This is what really bugged me.

Then there were the insane rumors. None of them ever had any proper backing but I am glad that Spiral has *finally* released an official statement regarding the matter. It had involved family and was being avoided for quite some time:

Since April 2013 they have added more content and changed more things than any other game and developer I could think of. They have added something like 10 modes, 30 maps and they just keep on going:
01 - Arctic Update (December 2013)
02 - Jurassic Update (October 2013)
03 - Desert Update (August 2013)
04 - Jungle Update (July 2013)

I highly recommend you and users revisit this game the next time it has a Free-2-Play event or right now as it's 50% off for the Steam Winter Sale.

Go read the Steam Store page to see what users think of the game:

10 / 10 "The developers stuck with their first game. 14 months after the game's initial release, I played Orion. I love the game. I will probably put more hours into this game than I typically do with AAA games.”

10 / 10 "Orion: Dino Horde, in it's current form, is one of the best co-operative games to play with your friends around. I strongly recommend you try this game at the next f2p session that is offered.”

8 / 10 “It wasn't until recently that I bothered to try the revamped expansion/remake that is the current incarnation of the game and I have to say it has improved from what I would consider a 3.5 to an 8.”

They just released the most incredible update yet called the 'Arctic Update'. It adds Open World gameplay, 10 playable Dinosaurs, 30+ Steam Achievements (250+ total now), 12 new maps, Sentry Turrets, APC Transport vehicle, Loot, Weather and so much more for FREE!

(Video) ORION: Dino Horde (Jurassic) Trailer
(Video) Open World Preview
(Video) Arctic Survival Map Pack
(Video) Arctic Rampage Map Pack
(Video) Arctic Duel Map Pack
(Video) Arctic PvP Map Pack

Help support Spiral Game Studios and their effort to own up to a sour-patch release in the best way possible. Help spread this mentality across the industry so we can avoid yearly rehashes / sequels and instead enjoy games that are supported and loved by developers and fans alike. This is what we need more of and it starts with you!.

Thank you for your time and HAPPY HOLIDAYS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!