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    Rock, Paper, Slingray

    Slingray is an online multiplayer sport, like hockey with spaceships. It takes inspiration from many sources: Uniball, Zap!, Subspace, Altitude, Thrust, XPilot, Geometry Wars, etc. The mechanics are simple, but the skills and tactics have no limits.

    I've built this game entirely myself, part-time over the course of a couple years. It began as a quick experiment in multiplayer network programming, but the basic gameplay mechanics I added were just too fun. Everyone that tried the game wanted to see it polished and released.

    Now the game has a launcher with the ability to self-update, a server browser, and backend infrastructure to support the addition of player stat tracking, friends lists, party groups, and matchmaking -- features all coming in the near future, since this game is in ongoing development, with new updates being published every few days.

    We've been getting a decent group of people online to play every evening, so invite your friends and drop in to check it out. It's completely free and available now.

    Download Here

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    Steam Group:

    IRC Channel: #slingray on (Mibbit link to channel)

    SA Thread: (Note: might be behind their paywall at this time)

    More Video

    Here's a series of five 2v2 matches from last night
    (youtube link with playlist)

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