So I did a thing and bought an Ouya because I saw a thing called Kainy (long story short, it's a remote desktop client designed for gaming) on there and I've been curious to get my hands on an Android device anyway. I had been hoping that it would replace the need for SteamOS and a compatible (and definitely more expensive than an Ouya) machine to install it on.

I've gotten it running and it does work, it just doesn't work very well. Apart from the overscan problem which I need to figure out how to fix and the latency thing which probably won't get any better since I'm already using powerline ethernet adaptors end-to-end, the bloody Ouya controller is mapped to keyboard and mouse inputs which are then completely unsuitable for 99% of the games I'd actually want to play with a controller away from my PC (like Just Cause 2, for instance), and then I have to map each game individually and switch between them using the awful UI which is a bunch of bullshit.

So what I want to do is install a thing that takes keyboard and mouse inputs and converts it to Xinput (preferably, so I can start Big Picture mode whilst away from my PC) or another input protocol (directinput?) so that games recognise the inputs as standards and also so that they have the contextual input thing for mapping more than one function to a button (i.e. the B button on a 360 controller can be, say, the melee button in Just Cause 2 but also 'back' in menus, but with a keyboard you'd have a key for melee and a key for navigating menus, meaning I'd need to use two buttons on my Ouya controller for what would be the same action if the game thought I was using a controller and not a keyboard).

Basically, what I want is the exact opposite of Joy2Key and Xpadder. Either that or some sort of LAN bluetooth or USB extender so I can connect my DS4 to my PC from other rooms in the house... Any ideas please?