Yes, RPS is not the website in the world doing big previews for 2014 but this one is a bit different because it's all indie. I was mostly impressed by the variety of genres and settings. There's still platformers, 2D adventure games and roguelike(like(like))s but it seems indie games are branching out even more than last year which can only be a good thing.
I would be surprised if only half of the listed games will see a release this year. I mean, among them are quasi mythical titles like Overgrowth, Owlboy or Iconoclasts.
There's also games I never knew about but which I am eagerly looking forward to now such the eccentric looking One Way Trip or Max Gentlemen which is loosely based on a spam email.

Originally I wanted to write a bit more but I managed to cut my right hand at the sharpest object in the world: roasted peanut can lids.
So pretty pictures instead.