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    Facebook and Games

    Is anyone else immensely put off when a company uses Facebook as a way to market their games? Bioware has done it, Funcom did it with The Secret World (which immediately made me think, "Hmm, I don't think I'm going to buy this game") and other companies have done it in the past.

    Made even worse when it includes exclusive items etc.

    Why not just make their own ARG site instead of jumping on the Facebook bandwagon? I don't have a Facebook for good reason and I really can't be bothered making a fake one.

    Does anyone else feel the same way?

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    I don't have a Facebook, and will likely never have one. Not that interested in that sort of thing. But a company NOT using Facebook to promote their game would be ridiculous. Facebook is huge... it's a ready made, willing and waiting bandwagon for them to jump on. It can provide exposure to MILLIONS of people, it has networks already set up (so 1 person can forward something to all of their friends), things can propogate by word-of-mouth or through multiple forms of media (video, images, audio, games and other interactive things) etc. It's an amazingly powerful marketing tool, and I'd reckon the better question would be why WOULDN'T a company use Facebook?

    So no, a company using Facebook wouldn't put me off a game.

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    I have facebook, but just for ease of communication with family or keeping tabs on friends who live far away. I tend to ignore and advert type content and refuse to "like" products or services even if I do like them. I don't do this for any ideological reasons, I just don't feel my endorsement of a game would be appreciated by the people I have in my friends list. If I really felt that strongly about a game I would post something specific, like a screenshot or review or something.

    I can understand the attraction for a publisher to use this kind of marketing.... so many eyeballs... so connected... Using Facebook in this way allows potential users to get the attention of parents and loved ones, those likely to invest money in their happiness. An ARG site would only really attract those who are already mentally invested in the concept of the game and are looking for more information.

    I don't really care about exclusive items, just pretend they don't exist, because well, they don't. Good ones will turn up eventually in some DLC or Gold Edition and they are almost always mechanically inert, not affecting game play in the slightest.

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    Why would it put you off a game unless it directly interfered with your enjoyment of a game?

    In terms of bonus items, I don't want them as the game will be totally playable (and probably more challenging) without them.

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