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    Something for Minecraft fans...

    ...who enjoy a spot of music.

    Hope you enjoy it. :)

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    Minecraft should have this as an optional sound pack.

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    Agreed. This sounds more like what I feel Minecraft's all about than the actual soundtrack does (although I do like the actual soundtrack). I like it.

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    Hey. Thanks for the positive feedback.

    I think the original music by c418 is extremely well suited to the game, because stylistically it works so well with the low-res retro style of the visuals. This is just my interpretation of that material. I think it's nice to hear different approaches to things, because it can potentially heighten our enjoyment of the original.

    I plan on adding more game music to the playlist on YouTube over time, so if you are interested in hearing more video game arrangements, please subscribe and share the video with your friends.

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    I kind of like more the original version. The reason is that the original version is like more "clear" to me. (?). The ....story... is more clear, and the emotions. But I dunno. I don't normally don't like music in games.

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