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    General Discussion Metagalactic, Leave your opinion please???

    My name is Tyler Falzone,

    My team and I here at Hazardous Material Productions have come to that point in a young Video games life that we have to talk about it somewhere.

    Metagalactic is an Endless, 2D, top down, space craft combat, and exploration game.

    The core concept of the game is that, a game shouldn't end at some arbitrary story line ending, we believe that the player should be allowed to adventure into the depths of a game and experience everything.

    Metagalactic is our answer to this...

    The story line is random, every decision you make can effect the outcome of the missions you take in the future, which factions align with you and your path, who puts up a price on your ship, who wants you dead because you killed their people in a dog fight over some rare space rock.

    You play the way you want to, customize your ship, choose your weapons, make your allies fear hanging you out, force your enemies to crumble under your power, all from the cockpit of some of the most advanced warships in the know universe.

    That not enough??? Bring 5 of your friends online, 6 player co-op play, merging your storylines into a single adventure.

    I know from what you can see of it right now, that it doesn't look like much. This is only 3 weeks into development for a team of 3.

    Anyone who wants to see an early early access build, send me a request, up till the 15th, that is, i'll be happy to send out some of our latest alpha builds.

    Send Requests to Metagalactic.official(At)

    Anyone interested, I'm using Unity 4.3 Pro for my development.

    My PC specs are:

    • CPU ------ Intel I7 3770k @ 4ghz
    • GPU ----- Asus DCUII AMD R9 280x @ stock clock
    • Mobo ---- Asus P8Z77-V LK
    • Ram ----- 16gb Gskill Ripjaws Z
    • Storage - OCZ vertex 4 120GB SSD (OS), 1TB WD (games), 2TB WD (Video Editing).
    • Cooling -- H50 on CPU with Scythe Ultra Kaze case fans
    • Case ----- NZXT Gamma
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