Hey everyone,

My name is Marc McCann from FarSpace Studios, a UK based game studio.

We are currently working on a game for PC (more platforms to come after PC release) and we have finally got to the point where we have started a Greenlight campaign, I'm hoping that by posting here it may bring the campaign to your attention and hopefully you'll take a look/cast your vote :)

Hyphen is an action/puzzle game. You basically control a constantly rotating stick through extremely challenging neon mazes whilst avoiding traps and if you're good enough, making it out alive! Rather than trying to explain the game - A video of Hyphen in action can be seen below:-

I hope you like what you see and would consider giving Hyphen your support


Hyphen Greenlight campaign - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfile.../?id=214859985

Hyphen Website - http://www.farspacestudios.com/games/hyphen

Thanks a lot!