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    Introducing Ourselves (?)

    This may well be daft, but I thought I'd take the announcement about the new forums and its request we introduce ourselves literally. So here we go.

    ...and now that I've started, this feels very odd. Ah well.

    My name is Kevin Veale, I'm a PhD student of Media Studies at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. I've written a Masters Thesis on storytelling in videogames, and a PhD on comparative storytelling in various digital media forms including videogames. I've been delighted to see the Sunday Papers articles about feeling in games, since that's pretty much the direction I've been going too. I lecture a summerschool paper about games and game culture because I am Incredibly Lucky.

    Becoming a game academic was a great self defence for loving games yet remaining rubbish at them.

    I've been reading RPS for several years. I wasn't in on the ground floor, but I was pointed at it by a friend (I think) within the first few months.

    It's been a great resource for me, and I've been referencing articles left-right-and-center. Hell, I've written up a draft for a journal article which I realised is entirely devoted to games I only learned about from RPS.

    (cue background clickery involving money.)

    Well, if nothing else, this post has reminded me that I intended to become an RPS subscriber months ago, and forgot because I'm a Goddamned Genius.

    I think the game which made the biggest impression on my formative years was Starcontrol 2, which I'm delighted to see has made it onto as well as the glorious effort that is the Ur-Quan Masters. At some point I might do a more detailed rant about it.

    Uh. Hmm. I guess that's it. Oh yeah: because I clearly decided that the life of a penniless academic raving in the streets about fireants and communism wasn't a big enough challenge, I'm a fiction writer.

    I think that's where I sign off. I'm @krveale on Twitter if anyone's interested in bibblings about games, fiction, relevant academic wank and the like.

    Hopefully the whole concept of an introductions thread wasn't a total gag... or that it's in the right place.

    - KRVeale.
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    Sorry about this, that was for some reason the only forum I *didn't* check for the introductory thread.

    If someone wants to delete the thread, that'd be fine by me.


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    Heh, loving the self-deprecating tone. No need to be ashamed, it was entertaining

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