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    "Zombeer",now available for PlayStation 3 in PSN store.

    From Moonbite Games and Padaone Games (Spain), we want to share our last project made with Unity3D: "Zombeer". It's a FPS about Zombie infection and drinking beer to stay safe, all mixed with parodies of films and games and a lot of fun.
    It took three years of development, and now we're very happy of finish this indie production.

    Zombeer is now available at the Playstation Network Store for PlayStation 3 at european zone. Soon we'll see it at America store too, and for PC via Steam and other online plattforms.

    Thanks to all!

    Link to PSN:
    Link to Steam:
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    Zombies, eh? HOW CREATIVE

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    Holy breast physics, Batman!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mickygor View Post
    Holy breast physics, Batman!
    It's all animated by hand, heheehehe.

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    This game is scary guys, but not scary as evil within lol :D
    I thought this game wasn't available at the Playstation Network store but I was happy after know this fact. So a gamer who use playstation 3 like me can play this game without cd. I got this info from this website.

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