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    Quote Originally Posted by GameCat View Post
    But on other way RE4 did awesome job with all these micro one button QTEs: kick, punch, suplex etc. It really added more depth to gameplay.
    I forgot about those ones, those were ok, the cutscene ones were the ones that pissed me off.

    I think the worst QTEs for me are the ones that make you die as a result of failing them. It's like, you can be as good as you want at MGS2, you can do the entire game without ever being seen by a grunt or without killing anyone, but if you can't hammer whichever button it wants you to hammer when you're being choked right at the end fast enough, you'll die. What is that shit? And if you can't ever get past it, you can never finish the game! That is the sole reason why I never managed to finish MGS2 on anything higher than hard. Well that's what I tell myself, the truth is after I made a rapid fire thing out of an Arduino to pass that button mashing thing I still couldn't do the final boss. That's the other thing that annoys me about Metal Gear Solid games; they always end with a hand-to-hand fight that either cheats (if I'm in a bad mood) or is extremely unforgiving.

    RE4 wasn't that bad, if you died then that was that, you restart and because you're prepared for the QTEs, but it's still annoying when the game 'forces' a death because you might've been drinking or something. It's as if these developers want to make you more involved in what the character is actually doing, but until we're controlling said characters 1:1 with motion capture body suits it just doesn't really work in my opinion. There's a limit to how involved I can feel when the guy is just a marionette I control with a keyboard and mouse/controller, a QTE isn't going to make me feel more involved. Quite the opposite in fact.

    Heavy Rain did QTEs right (just as well since it was almost all QTEs), I think, most characters can die and it carries on regardless. I remember one path leads to a gunfight where you have to press a button at the right time (the timing is very tight) to shoot and hit the target. If you hit them all, you 'win' and your guy is unharmed and everyone's like 'oh my god please don't kill me', if you miss any he gets shot and then it's all 'hah what an idiot!'.
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    Depending on the implementation I do not care for them or outright hate them.

    Mass Effect's QTEs are ones I do not care for, but I don't find them annoying. Those were actual choices: You could be a paragon or not.

    The ones in (for example) Battlefield 3 I hated. Those were just "react quick enough or die to a guy you could have easily shot if the game didn't steal control away from you". That's annoying.

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    I'm probably posting redundant stuff but i generally don't play games with qtes even if they can be found in a lot of different games. They depend on context and might feel alienating from streamlined actions. They can be a good addition to cutscenes, moves, twitch stuff and performing actions (i believe heavy rain or twd featured somewhat streamlined qtes sequences?Haven't played them) that are not simply "press X to takedown" to command the character to go bananas and do crazy shit you can't skip or control. Still i grew up with games like dmc 3, ut99 and max payne and i feel qtes are very repetitive and either limitating or pointless. At least in action games.

    It's like comparing Mirror's Edge combat to Overgrowth's one. Both are based on context but while Overgrowth's combat allows only for particular attacks depending on functional stuff like distance, preparation time, position (crouched,moving,standing still, midair) this kind of stuff is overlooked in Mirror's Edge combat which can be boiled down to "press x when things turn red to takedown/finish things off". Stuff you can't really chain or use in creative ways like flying kicking midair chasers in both games.
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    For me QTEs are like cutscenes, I don't mind them as long as they aren't every 5 minutes. It may sound crazy but I actually like to PLAY my games and not have the action taken from me and have the game play it for me whilst I quickly push buttons that pop up on screen

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