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    FOLK IL-2 1946 Sessions - Thursdays, 19:30 (UK Time)

    Hello, RPS comrades!
    I am here to cordially invite you to join us over at Folk in crashing on take off/flying into a mountain/"accidentally" dropping bombs on fellow players/[insert method of firey, explodey death here] in the ever wonderful IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946.

    "Who the hell are FOLK?" I am going to pretend I can hear you say. Well, the first thing to point out is that Folk is not a gaming group, but a set of sessions. A good example is the Folk ArmA 2 sessions (which a large portion of ARPS attend regularly), where members of various groups from around the ArmAverse get together to have a few semi-tactical sessions on a Sunday night. There is no commitment to turn up every session, no ranks for you to climb and no obligation to stay 'till the day you die. Folk is founded on the idea of low friction gaming, the aim of which is to make it as easy as possible to access high-quality multiplayer experiences. For more information on Folk, please see this thread on their forums.

    ..Which brings me neatly to my next point. In order to keep these sessions organised, it is vital to have a central forum in which to communicate with all Folk attendees from around the internet. So, we politely request you sign up to the forums in order to read more information on these IL-2 sessions (and any other Folk sessions you may wish to attend).
    The reason that the forums require you to be a member to read them is that Folk is an invite only group, so naturally communications are kept hidden from those who are not invited to protect both the sessions and their attendees. If you post below after registering, then we will know whose registration we need to approve. I can only apologise for this effort, but it is unfortunately necessary as detailed before. Such is the internet.

    See you in the air,

    Important links:
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    Oops. If people can read the thread in the Folk forum that you linked to, then they already know what Folk is. So in the best traditions of Folk-ARPS forum cross-posting:

    What is Folk?
    The first thing you need to understand about Folk is that it isn't gaming group, it's set of gaming sessions.

    Okay, what does that mean?
    Folk is founded on the concept of low friction gaming.

    No, you're really not helping
    Low friction gaming is for people who want to play ArmA2, DCS and / or Lock On (and maybe other stuff) with other, sensible, like-minded people, but have busy lives and little spare time. Low friction gaming aims to make it as easy as possible to access high-quality multiplayer experiences.

    Just give it to me in practical terms!
    Folk is for people who want to read their children / cat / goldfish bedtime stories and then shoot people in the face for a few hours! All on the same night! And on a school night, too!

    I get it now. I think. Wait, how often?
    The official Folk session for each game happens weekly. There might be more sessions, but they might not be official.

    What if I can't make it?
    That's absolutely fine: Folk is a set of sessions, not a group. If you're too busy separating toddlers in a knife fight, or watching an important episode of Desperate Housewives, nobody will hold it against you. You can let us know if you like, but there's no obligation. We'll just assume the worst. About the toddlers.

    So Folk is a bit like a bar?
    Yes. Come to the bar; don't come to the bar. We'll always remember your face. Or at least we'll remember your nick.

    Can anyone come along?
    Not quite. There are two ways to play in the Folk sessions: be invited by an existing guest, or by writing to us at folk at ferstaberinde dot com and asking to join the Folk sessions.

    Who gets to issue the invitations?
    You do! Well, you do after you've played in a few sessions. At that point, you can invite your friends. There are some simple guidelines about inviting people, but don't worry about them for now.

    Will there be a test, or hazing?
    No, but we ask that you think carefully about who you invite. Assuming they don't burn the house down, after a while they can invite their friends too; and so it goes on. The assumption is that you're good people, so you'll invite other good people. Folk is optimistic that way.

    So, actually, Folk is more like a club than a bar?
    You could say that. We don't have a dress code, though.

    Alright, but I'm already a member of a gaming group or clan
    Great! Wear your tags, tell us about where you come from. Just please remember that in Folk, we're all just folk. So whilst we'll respect your tags and ranks, they won't mean anything special here.

    So there aren't ranks here?
    Nope. There are hosts: a few people whose job it is to ensure things run smoothly and everyone has a good time. They're there to help you, and make sure nobody eats the flowers. Think: bar staff. In a club bar. Everybody who isn't a host is a guest.

    So are there lots of rules?
    As few as we can get away with. Again, the assumption is that you're good people, and you know how to behave. Folk is optimistic.

    BTW, where does the stupid name come from?
    It's from a line in the film Serenity.

    Does Folk have a theme tune?
    Of course it does! Dayvan Cowboy by Boards of Canada. That came before all the minor details about mission styles. What did you think, that it was going to be something by Imogen Heap? Silly!

    Alright. So what do I do next?
    Before joining a Folk session you might want to read one or more of these threads:

    Anything else?
    Besides those threads, everything else in Need to Know is worth reading (but those are the most important).

    Wait! Wait! Wait! I have other questions!
    Please feel free to post in General Discussion. We'll try to help you as much as we can.

    Welcome to Folk :v:

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    Just a small reminder, FOLK IL-2 session is happening today, at 19:30 UK Time. Unfortunately, Commrade Egg won't be joining :(

    And as always, everyone is welcome.

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    Calling all interested RPS players to our todays IL-2 session. 19:30 UK time @ FOLK TS3 as always. Info @ OP.

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    Aah, shit!

    Relatively new RPS member here, still getting up to speed with all the stuff going on - would have been along to this if I'd seen it. I haven't played Il-2 properly for a few years now, but I'm a thorough aviation geek at heart - sure it won't take me that long to get back up to speed.

    I'll read up and aim to make it there next week.

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    There might be a possibility a session will happen tonight or tomorrow, due to fact that yesterday was a complete failure due to technical problems (W Y NO LIKE IL-2 GABE?). Anyway, I will post some updates as more info comes available.

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