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    STO Whats happening with the fleet?

    i mean i come on every day to find an empty roster sheet but the news tells me people still play. maybe we should start recruiting again or something? its very weird talking to yourself when you start to get a response.
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    I've popped on and off almost straight away. The season 8 stuff really didn't do it for me and the endless grind to progress the fleet really got to me but after playing Artemis I'm getting the buzz to jump back on. I think I'm going to keep it simple and go back to the good old days of stock Starfleet ships and basic consoles.

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    I try and pop on every day, generally to play with my duty officers and contribute to the fleet projects where I can, but I can only logon during odd irregular hours so I don't get much chance to play in an organised way. I've started having fun joining the PvE queues though and earning fleet marks for the fleet projects. The new weekend events they've started doing instead of the hourly ones were good fun, I earnt about 70,000 unrefined dilithium in the last one, which I've been refining slowly.

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