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    what an awesome video op. good old bbs's and the Amiga. makin me feel nastalgic

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    In Surgeon Simulator you can insert floppies, but it's more of an easter egg.

    GTA4 has internet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Velko View Post
    Not computers per se, but computergameception...

    Saints Row IV
    : basically the entire game takes place inside a computer game, (...)
    That reminds me, The Nameless Mod, a total conversion mod for Deus Ex, takes place in Forum City, the physical representation of an internet forum. You play as a forum moderator and all the civilians represent users. It's better than it sounds.

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    There's a (fantastic) Neuromancer game for the Amiga (and various other, lesser formats). Oddly enough the rights were owned by Timothy Leary, and the game was developed by Interplay. Cyberspace in the game has some publicly accessible stuff, but that part of the game revolves around returning to systems and breaking into increasingly protected areas/data. In addition, there are a lot of neat things you can do that don't simply require you to have high leveled gear, such as [minor spoiler for a game from 16 years ago] adding yourself (and your bank routing ID number) to the list of new hires at a corporation so that you can draw pay from the company.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neema_t View Post
    I don't know if it counts but there's a Minecraft mod whose name escapes me right now that adds a computer complete with disk drives and other bits, you can program devices like automated mining bots with it (I think it uses Lua).
    I believe that is ComputerCraft, it does use LUA (I used it as part of the original Tekkit) and I created a couple of nifty things with that, I had a password protected door to enter my castle and I had a cinema controlled by it that played ASCII starwars.

    Uplink is also worthy of a mention here, its really good and when you first start off you have to do things the ye olde way with command prompts.

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