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    BBC News: I heard you liek candy?

    On the news about the candy thing.

    It seems a group of indies have done a candy-jam :D
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    Never has this video been so useful:
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    I knew there was a source of the "candy" voice that I read every CCS story in. That animation is waaaaay out of it.

    In a bid to annoy, the Jam has encouraged developers to make and submit games that also use the word "saga" - which is also keen to trademark. Developers have been given until 3 February to submit games using one or both words to the site.
    Argh, I hate this kind of reporting. I don't think the Candy Jam is to "annoy", but to show how out of touch with reality their request is.
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    its psychedelic and good, though. but the music can go fuck itself.
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