My cousin and best friend emailed me this photo today (below) and wanted to know what game I was playing when it was taken. The year would be around 1999 judging by the the PC case. This would be my second PC after I borked the first one while installing a Samsung 120Mb floppy drive. The monitor and keyboard are from the original AST system (that's the AST mouse mat there too) bought from PC World crica 1997/98. The game on the other hand I have absolutely no idea.

Let's look at the clues though. The orange CD on the right would be Half Life, so that came out in 1998 but the game on the screen is not Half Life. There are some floppy discs in that storage box but I didn't have any PC games on floppies so they would be for files only I guess. Quite exactly what I'm pointing at I do not know, can't really see anything there and I don't recognize the HUD. That's a Thrustmaster Top Gun joystick on top of the disc box, clearly I'm not using it and the game looks to be a first person shooter.

Well, any ideas? There's a prize in it for the winner. Maybe...actually maybe not.