Chauffeur will be a full length movie with a full cast of talented speakers. I'm realising the movie in episodes, so people can enjoy watching it before it is completely finished.

The first part of "Chauffeur" is finished and can be seen here:

Direct Link:

I hope you like the movie. If you have questions or some criticism, please write in the thread or put a comment on youtube. Please share the video and - if you like it - give me thumbs up on youtube!

"Life is complicated. I killed people, smuggled people, sold people. I thought here, things would be different."

Trailer 2

Trailer 1

The trailer is based on the first short film we saw of GTA IV and I guess some of you will recognize it.
If you have questions or if you want to help - feel free to post a comment on Youtube and please rate the movie.

You can see some GTA IV short movies (they don't have the quality of "Chauffeur") on my Youtube channel: