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    Quote Originally Posted by keely View Post
    You seem to have a very unified style of writing and to be honest it often feels like every article is written by same person. I don't mind it and I think it's very cool. Is there a some sort of editorial system that leads to this sort of outcome or are the articles always written solely by the author?
    I disagree with that actually, maybe I've been here too long, but I always found it easy to tell a Walker from a Meer or a Rossignol from a Gillen, admittedly the the writer can often be identified from the subject as much from the writing though.

    This new boy Smith I haven't quite pegged yet, sometimes I mistake him for one of the oldies, but whenever i'm not quite sure who wrote it it's normally him.

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    Yes, new boy Smith. I quite like the writing, seems a bit restrained maybe? Don't hold back on the personal style, go nuts!

    Also, is it a real human or a pseudonym/rogue AI/cloned amalgam of all other RPS writers?

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