Posting this is a mistake, because I can't set up a server and I'm probably overcommitting, time-wise.

I'm in the mood for a nice, slow-paced round of Dominions 3. One turn per week (maybe more at the initial start up). 5-6 players, small random map, which means it will last around 50 turns before a winner can be determined, which makes it a year.

Hosting would happen on a single day each week. No excuses, no delays, anyone (including me) not submitting a turn on that week gets an empty order instead. Maybe nominate an Adjutant (like the ever present President Weasel does for Blood Bowl) to submit turns in case of holidays.

Any takers? For a small random map setting, I would prefer Early Age, Indie Strength 6 and normal everything else, no mods, all nations allowed. But this is open to discussion. :)