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    [S4T] The Sunday School of Skills, Strategy and Tactics

    What is the S4T?
    The Sunday School of Skills, Strategy and Tactics (S4T) is an initiative to increase the possibility for the members of the Planetside 2 community of RPS to learn and to teach. To keep skills, tactics and strategy within our community even if people leave the game for other opportunities. Besides this the initiative wants to give a opportunity for new members to take in these skills, strategies and tactics and build upon those to develop new skills, strategies and tactics.

    What will a S4T include?
    To be simple: 10-15 minutes of lecture to explain an idea, concept or strategy. Then 30-40 minutes of exercises and a ending talk with all the participating members.

    When are the S4T's scheduled?
    Every other Sunday, from 7:30 GMT to 8:30 GMT. There might be exceptions to this rule, but this is the aim of the initiative to schedule a S4T at these dates and times. If the interest is high enough more might be scheduled.

    For more information take a look at the schedule.

    What does this level indicate?

    B Beginner What is an SCU?
    A Advanced A SCU is a Spawn Control Unit
    E Expert All the attack and defence options concerning a SCU

    Will there be a participation limit?
    There might be, depending on the wishes of the teacher. Even so, feel free to join late as sometimes people do drop out at the last moment.

    What does the S4T need?
    Most of all, volunteers. People who have a skill, strategy or tactics and want to share this with the community. Pass on their knowledge and safe others from making some of the mistakes they might have.

    But I am skill-, tactic-, strategy-less?
    There are opportunities for you to learn, take in these new ideas and just be cannon fodder. We need people to shoot at as well as people to shoot.

    Any other way I can help?
    There has been suggestions to film/record the lessons, so if you have skills in these fields then please let us know.

    How do I apply to teach?
    Let one of the members of this initiative know and find a date that has not been taken. Or just sign up here.

    Giraffe or Giraffe Hunter exclusive?
    No, both are welcome, but have to accept the location the teacher chooses.

    I have a question that is not on the list?
    What are you waiting for, ASK!
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    I think this is an excellent idea. Oh the possibilities the sundie blob, the reverse maneuver, the intricacies of playing an NC max and of course how to find kill skin and cook a giraffe in under 20 seconds.
    Really looking forward to these classes.

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    I don't see anywhere to make it known I would like to attend tonight so just in case it matters I am making it known.

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    Again, thanks, Dom, for the training session on room defense.

    This is the video I mentioned of an SCU shield building as a point room. It is at BL-4 Crash Site on Esamir. It goes beyond things we mentioned in the lesson, and some things may seem contradictory to those taught. But it demonstrates a good application of the basic principles, and some advanced tactics that can evolve from them.

    And I feel that it is probably the best video out there demonstrating teamwork in Planetside 2.

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    This was posted on reddit about 2 weeks ago.
    Its an album with an acurate layout of all buildings in PS2.
    Really nice, could be awsome for making some diagrams.

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