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    The Only Thing You Feel -- An in-dev indie free-roam narrative game -- Epocu Campaign

    The Only Thing You Feel

    Screenshots and Trailer:

    You play as Beatrice, a college student who has been wandering through an icy, mysterious forest since she died. Beatrice will be fully voiced, and her narration will be your guide through the game. TOTYF features free-roam exploration in a surreal, sometimes disturbing setting. As the story progresses, the landscape will slowly change and develop. As Beatrice explores the forest, she will also change it. Beatrice will be able to dig her way through snow and she will leave a path as she travels.

    I'm running an epocu campaign for TOTYF here: . I'm gonna need 25 people to back the project on their personal social media within a month. Trying to get the word out about an indie project is really tough so getting the project backed would be amazing. If you would be interested in signing up to blast it out at the end of August, I would really appreciate your support. Thank you!

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    Looks pretty cool! I love atmospheric games like this.

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