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    Is It Okay to Use Pirated Version of Windows XP and Office 2003 After April 30?

    I don't know where I can post this, I guess the most relevant board is this one. Please feel free to remove if you deem inappropriate.

    I wan't to know if this is okay legally, either for home use or commercial use. Since they are no longer supported after the said day, obviously MS should no longer have any commercial interest in the concerned software?

    I know that Windows XP SP3 requires online authentication. I think SP2 is already stable enough so I am comfortable with that.

    For the record, my main machine is using legit Windows 7 64bit, so I am only planning to use non-officially sold Windows XP on secondary, outdated machine(s), if that is okay legally.

    Edit: Oh, one thing we cannot afford to miss. You guys have any recommendations on some great modified Windows XP out there?
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