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    Quote Originally Posted by TechnicalBen View Post
    No security updates and/or risking OS and Kernal updates from untrusted sources has no repercussions? It can be ok at times. Makes sure to MD5 hash (lol) check your PB sourced updates then. :)
    He was pointing out that having to use a serial cracker and manually download updates is not a repercussion - it's a downside.

    Repercussions are what happens AFTER you do those things and it goes wrong - semantics but important semantics...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alkestis View Post
    you can use a pirate OS but you have to use a serial cracker software and one thing do not update OS :)
    Windows 7 allows cracked version to received updates. I know because I'm running one, since my legitimate OEM key wasn't accepted.
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