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    Promoting - A new gaming blog with a hopefully unique voice

    Hey gang,

    I've started a gaming blog called geekcynic at Wanted to get some feedback from anyone who has a chance to click over to it. We're trying to present a somewhat unique voice on games and the industry through editorial content. Above all else, we want to be candid. The goal is to produce original content, editorials, "dear-diary" style blogging, and other geek and gaming centric work.

    The latest post I'm fairly proud of is this Final Fantasy XIV travelogue, part one of an ongoing series:

    The formatting may be a little wacky. It's our first site and we're still learning as we go. But we love gaming and have been lifelong nuts for it. I'd LOVE some feedback, constructive or otherwise.


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    Did anyone take a look? I'd love feedback. Really trying to make this something special, but it's slow going in the beginning with barely any traffic.

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    it's not bad, but the lay-out (colour wise, different fonts in articles and main layout, ...) bothers me a bit :p
    also I personally really like gaming blogs that speak about niche titles/games/platforms

    but good job, keep it up, I hope it becomes a successful blog for you guys! ;)

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    Thanks! We're definitely still monkeying with the layout and formats. My colleague loves the current color theme, while I am not as impressed. Fonts and formatting is really just a matter of us learning how to more consistently use the blogging software. HTML is still a magical land of perplexing mystery to me.

    BUT, we definitely want to have more of a niche voice. I'm personally far more into indies and classics than anything else. I'd like to do some retrospectives and indie news. That's part of the meaning behind the Bitters handle. I'm just an old man who has come to hate a lot of the AAA industry. My colleague and co-founder Xanxus is more into mainstream AAA, so we get a lot of that angle from him as well.

    So stay tuned for hopefully a more polished, more appealing website. I think it could turn into some thing special and it's definitely a labor of love and obsession.

    And thanks again for the feedback!
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    So proud of our first web-comic to feature graphics paired with text. I'm not even an artist, but I'm kind of happy with how these little guys turned out. Let us know if you guys think it's funny!

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