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    Unfortunately from what i heard it actually kind of didn't work since they did all the improvements of MGS2 with the first person view and that but didn't change the game because of it, which made it wildly easier!

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    The first Metal Gear Solid holds up today and is well worth playing. I beat it probably about a year and a half ago for the first time and I loved every minute of it. I would imagine that the balance in The Twin Snakes is pretty awful, though.

    Speaking of which, Vanquish has a lot of homages to Metal Gear (Gray Fox, DARPA, a lot of UI elements) and is easily my favorite game this year. I guess my only real complaint about it is it somewhat suffers from "shoot the big glowing weak point!" syndrome but it is a game that very much embraces what a GAME it is, if that makes sense. Not as arcadey as I thought it would be either.

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