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    Old Fashioned Paper News Thingies advice.

    Hello there fine RPS folks,

    I've been a reader of RPS for quite a long time now and while I really enjoy the RPS style content I've been slightly annoyed by the quality of most other online sources of games journalism. They are either poorly written, sensationalist or kind off informationless.... Even high quality websites like RPS seem to be focused more on the short articles that simply bring games to your attention, which is of course also fine and very logical when you have to pump out an article every hour, but not what I'm looking for at the moment.

    So that brought my attention to, what seems to be, an almost lost art of games journalism: magazines. From the few issues of Game Informer and PC Gamer I've picked up the writing quality seems to be a bit better then most online sources and I really enjoy long form in depth preview articles they offer in addition to the shorter news snippets that can be more easily found online.

    So I'm convinced now that I want to subscribe to a games magazine but I'm not yet sure which one. PC Gamer seems an obvious choice but from what I've read (USA version, UK version is apparantly slightly better) it seems to mostly ignore indies. Things like Game Informer and EDGE seem nice but I have a feeling they will have the same problem.

    So, finally, my question to you: Do you know of the existence of a games magazine, that both has a focus on indie titles and offers nice and long, in-depth previews and reviews of higher budget games?

    In the likely case that that perfect magazine does not exist, what are the games magazines you recommend, both on the indie and triple A front.

    In giving your recommendations you can keep in mind that your speaking to someone who loves RPS'es writing style if that's useful.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I really like Game Informer.

    Every issue has one or two good and long articles about industry-related news. A recent example was an article about the forces that caused Lucas Arts to fall apart.

    They *do* cover independent games and creators, sometimes adequately and sometimes tangentially.

    The cover story is usually about a AAA game, and is thus essentially advertising, but it's very indepth. If you care about the game in question, you'll love the cover story.

    When I started subscribing to Game Informer, many years ago, Game Informer was the clear winner over PC Gamer for me. PC Gamer had no depth and a frat-boy, snarky tone that wore thin on me. I like humor, but eventually you have to say something or I bail. I don't know if they've changed since.

    So there's my vote for you. =)

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