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    [Alpha] Destiny Of The Cubes - RTS

    Hello I'm Maxence Martin a French independent developer, I'm working on Destiny of the Cubes, a real time strategy game inspired among other by the series of Ages of Empires.
    The game works currently only on Windows but it will soon be on Mac and Linux.
    Destiny of Cube is currently in alpha and its content is updated frequently.

    Features :
    - Large map, procedurally generated.
    - 11 buildings, with many improvements.
    - No population cap / Few micromanagement.
    - Day / Night Cycle.
    - Fight against dragons to recover relics of fire and ice that allow produce energy of fire or ice to access special upgrades.
    - Fight spiders, collect their eggs and use them against the enemy faction.
    - 4 game modes (Normal, Survival, Domination and Score Rush) and many customization settings.
    - Customizing your Kings with many Powers and Bonus.

    Download the game

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    Version Items and King ( Alpha1.9 ) of Destiny Of The Cubes is available.

    Improvements :

    * Generation of large areas of darkness with fog to explore.

    * Adding Items:
    - To recover within the areas of darkness and destroying monster camps
    - Attribute bonuses to army.
    - 3 types of items : Heal ( Heal the army instantly ) , Attack (Double attack of the army for 15 seconds) , Invulnerability ( Makes the army invulnerable for 7 seconds ) .

    * Added King : If he is killed , it's possible resurrected in the Base ( It keeps the level it had before dying ).

    * New game mode : Score Rush whose goal is to be the first faction to have 1000 points. (Reserved to Premium)

    * Choosing a type of king to launch the game: Give a little bonus to the player.

    * Automatic Menu shares for the workers.

    * Management of famine when the player has no food.

    * Inflation in the price of workers and military units separate.

    Download the game for free
    Support the project by purchasing a premium version

    Enjoy !

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    Version Survival ( Alpha 2.0 ) of Destiny Of The Cubes is now available.

    * Added survival gametypes in which the goal is to resist as long as possible to waves of demonic cubes which attack your base every night.

    For everyone:
    * Add background music.
    * Survival Mode limited to 10 minutes.
    * Possibility of a significant de-zoom with a strategic view which provides a global view.
    * Slight improvement pathfinding units.
    * Improved visual appearance of menu.
    * Possibility to improve the armor of units in the forge.
    * Possibility to change the language in the option menu.
    * Fixed many bugs.

    For Complete Version:
    * Survival Mode Unlimited.
    * Added a endgame statistics screen.

    Download the game for free

    Support the project by purchasing a premium version

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    After 6 months of hard work, I am proud to present you the Alpha3.0 version of Destiny Of The Cubes.


    Major Improvements :
    - Complete overhaul of the visual aspect of the game ( 2D Isometric + new HUD )
    - Adding special places to capture order to earn bonus
    - System of customization of Kings + Adding powers to unlocked for the Kings.
    - New Game Mode : Domination
    - Improvement of the gameplay to make it more interesting
    - Better AI for opposing factions
    - New Musics

    Trailer :

    Screenshot :

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