Hiya! Longtime RPS Fan, stepping my toes in the forum for the first time.

Me and some other cool folks have been working on a motion controlled physics-based fencing* game. You can check out some screenshots/a video/a faq here.

Somewhat outdated gif here:

My main hope for the game is to communicate the fun and complexity of my fencing experiences to a game, after a love/hate affair with the sort of swordy fight games offered on the Wii and whatnot. As you can see, there's a focus on manipulating the opponent's blade with physics that I always wanted to experience in sword combat games thats been absent from motion-controlled games I've played.

Its also designed to work well in VR. While I'm at the moment having some mixed feelings about VR, I do hope it will make a engaging early experience for all of the cool people I've met in the VR scene.

I'm hoping to engage in some interesting discussions in this forum. Let me know if you have any questions about the state of the game, my plans for the game, decisions I've made in the process, etc etc.

- Seanna Musgrave

* Fencing might be kind of a tricky term. The game is based on experiences from fencing, but simulates live combat between people fighting with rapiers, as opposed to simulating people simulating combat.