After reading Graham's excellent City Car Driving article I went and bought myself a wheel and pedals - now I need some games!

I'm making a list of prospective titles to try out but wanted to know what people here thought - looking for realism but a bit of fun too:

Assetto Corsa - looks pretty nice and realistic, although early access so not sure how much content
iRacing - price puts me off frankly!
City Car Driving - already bought just waiting for my wheel to come in the post to try it :)
Dirt 3 - looks nice although I understand it's not very realistic (according to some Amazon reviews)
Shift 2 Unleashed - probably the most arcade of the lot?

What do people think of the above?

Both Dirt and Shift are pretty old (2011) and not sure what came on the market since then. Any others I should take a look at?