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    A fiend in need is a fiend indeed (AFINIAFI)

    I won't be playing in this one, I'll be the maestro as a maestro is needed.

    In this game there are is an additional way to win. Each player will be secretly given the name of one other player name before the game starts. Kill that player and you win.. Note, it's player name not fiend name. So false identity and disinformation are yours to deploy if you choose.

    As soon as any player dies I will announce the winner.

    Any takers?

    Are you sitting comfortably? Then I will begin.
    I [the meister] will take five hats from places.
    Within one will be placed six pieces of folded parchment, each with the name of one player.
    Within the second will be placed with the same.
    The third hat is filled with viscera and ash.
    We shall not talk of the fourth hat.
    I shall draw one name from the first and second hats and record the results.
    The first hat representing the hunter, the second the prey.
    I will then notify each player of their prey.
    [they can do what they like with this information, boast the truth, lie or something between.
    Non will be notified of their hunters name.
    Each player will create a fiend, and the game will be hosted.
    The fiend name need not be their own name,
    [but they are free to do that if they care to, hence the hunter wont quite know who their quarry is in the game.]
    At the strike of turn twenty and every subsequent tenth turn all player can ask the Meister a question.
    They can ask the Meister anything and he will answer honestly.
    ["Who hunts me", "Who do I hunt "or a mix of both or anything else regarding identity]
    But the answer will be Yes, or No.
    The fifth hat is the crown of hell.
    If you murder your prey you are crowned as the King of Hell.
    If you kill your own hunter you become his hunters new target.
    [not that the hunter is notified of this.]
    If you kill any other, their hunter has won that very moment.
    You can still win by killing all others
    [one hunter at a time until non remain] or by being elected by the conclave.
    [Match settings will be long game(this is important), a map chosen at random at a medium size plentiful places of power.]
    You are encouraged to talk with your peers, both as the fiend in game, and as yourself outside, be wary who your trust, after-all, they are worse than fiends, they are mortals.

    Battle Programmer Spike
    crazy horse

    I'm not sure if lemon is a confirm, but either way we need a player to be the admin to host the game.

    I'll tell you how if you don't know.
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