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    Beta for the Empire:TW Multiplayer Campaign has started.

    Sign up here.

    Empire multiplayer campaign beta features:

    • Play on the entire Empire campaign map (All 3 theatres) against another player.
    • Fight against far improved AI nations, overhauled by update 1.5.
    • Work together or in competition to dominate the entire Empire campaign map.
    • Play via LAN or the Internet through Steam.
    • Engage in diplomacy with AI factions and another player.
    • Betray or cooperate with a friend or enemy, the choice is yours.
    • Fight real-time battles against the AI together, or have a friend take the AI's place in battle for the ultimate tactical challenge!
    I'm actually downloading E:TW right now. I think i never played the patched Vanilla version, i guess it isn't as broken as it once was?

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    Yo. I am up for this - anyone else?

    I believe that RPS (and other gaming critics) have said that Empire is much better after the patch.

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    The beta has been going on for awhile. It is ok, but only have 2 player slots limits it.

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