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    Kingston and PNY have been bait-and-switching their customers...

    Not a help request - more a heads-up, really.


    PNY send out SSDs to the press with fancy new controllers - reviews are glowing. PNY then switch to the old (and mostly hated) Sandforce controller for at least some of the retail units...

    Kingston do much the same trick except they switch from Sync to ASync NAND!

    PNY claim no performance loss - but it's like having your horse replaced with 3 ponies?

    Kingston might have to explain why some drives are MUCH slower than advertised

    Who do they think they are, Ferrari(*)?

    You might want to start testing the stuff you buy, just to make sure it is what they claim it is...

    (*) Ferrari are noted for sending 'rather better than normal' cars for roadtests - cars which are pre-setup for tracks and in at least 1 case, 2 cars for the same test (one for straight-line speed, one for corners, because you get 2 when you order 1 of course)
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    Never regarded any of them as good quality brands. But good to know, thanks.

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    Same as DanMan I wouldn't use either brand but it's good to be aware so I can tell others.
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    The PNY thing is actually an upgrade. The PNY Optima is one of their cheaper models, while the PNY XLR8 is one of their more premium models. Changing to the Sandforce controller in the PNY Optima turns it into an XLR8. There's literally no difference beyond the name on the sticker.

    So what PNY did was okay. It's still better if they actually tell people about changes made, but when it's actually an upgrade it doesn't really screw people over if they don't tell. The Kingston thing is different, since that was a downgrade. Maybe not a big one in practice, but still.

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