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grrr. I want do some gaming on a long train journey so I cannot use a desktop machine.
Also that medion one is too heavy.
Sadness fills my soul at the inability of the entire internet to meet my needs.
You might have a problem with regards to battery power, though.

I bought an MSI GX640 last year, with the CPU upgraded to an i7. It's not a bad gaming machine (I bought it mostly because I can travel abroad with it as well as for some fairly heavy duty programming work; it runs everything I've bought in the last few years fairly well, bar GTA4), but it does have a few issues with weight (5kg), battery life (around 2 hours) and - more than anything else - running hot enough to melt a desk.

That said, it was fairly good value considering that it's a gaming laptop. Have you considered, though, just buying a netbook and sticking to classics that run on it?

EDIT; I would advise against a 17" screen, though. Far too bulky to be portable, and it might be a struggle to fit on a train table.