Hello everyone,

This thread is for organising matches in the RPS Challenge League in the Legendary Edition of Blood Bowl.

If you are new and want to enter a team then just search for "RPS Challenge League" in the league finder function and apply with a new team, there is no password.

This league is open to all comers, please post in this thread if you have entered a team and I will confirm that you have been accepted!

The rules are as follows:
Any teams welcome, old or new.
As many teams as you like.
2-4 minute turns.
Challenge games are ranked.
Matchmaking games are ranked.
There is no schedule just play as often as you feel like against whoever is available.

Games don't need to be validated before you can level players etc. like for a Championship. If anyone would like to volunteer as a commissioner to help me run the league then let me know (all you will need to do is accept new teams occasionally)!

If you know you will want to play a game at a certain time then post a challenge in this thread.

If you have any questions then please ask.