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    I stop buying game magazines and go online for game news for one single reason: online game news is free financially. I don't see the difference in natures of the two media honestly. And remember, those traditional game news providers themselves put their materials online for free, is operated by PC Gamer to begin with, for instance.

    Over here most game magazines are weekly, not monthly. So timing is a non-issue.

    In the opposite, I never stop buying finance magazines because most valuable finance news and comments are still not for free.

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    I still like keeping especially good back issues around, rare as they get excited about new consoles and pointless tech discussion features. Edge and Games™ seem especially durable if nothing else.
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    I would love to read them here in Slovenia but the only good one magazine we have,cost 7 euros .. Its to much if you ask me if we can get same or even more info on internet..

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    I gave 'em up for music mags. More derivative product, more review scores to get pissed off about, more articles about bands that were around thirty years ago and better posters when you used to get those (except they were always double sided which is shit when it was two bands that you were into).

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