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    Rock Paper Dragon (D&D Online)

    This thread is for players interested in playing D&D Online together a few hours per week.

    There is a Steam group RockPaperDragon, and a spreadsheet.

    We are playing on Ghallanda. There is an in-game guild named Rock Paper Shortbow.

    How it works:

    We are not using fixed groups, instead scheduling sessions on the spreadsheet that anyone interested can sign up for.

    Sign up for a session by making the cell under your name green. There is a maximum number of 6 players unless noted otherwise. If the session is filled, use a darker green color instead to be a reserve, and to show that another session could take place at the same time. All times are in the current British timezone (GMT or BST) unless noted otherwise.

    Schedule a session by adding a new line on the spreadsheet with a date and time and any other details necessary.

    We are using a Mumble server for voice chatting thanks to Nullkigan. (Instructions)

    More details as we discover them.


    Original post:

    The recent article on MMO dungeons/instances made me want to try out Dungeons and Dragons Online. I'd prefer to play it with some other sensible RPS folks new to the game and expect to play it a few hours per weekend.

    Anyone else tempted to try it out on a similar schedule?
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