In another thread, Wizardry said that if someone paid him, he would play Alpha Protocol. I can only speak for my own self, but I think that is worth a sum of money. Who can say what kind of sum? $20/hr seems fair (how long is AP?) but after some thinking, I realized a much more awesome and ambitious goal would be some Let's Play footage.

This is of course a distant hope, as Wizardry only assured us he would play the game; a Let's Play is far more trouble. Hence I propose a fistful of $30 hourly be hurled forth, so that we will have something nice to watch on the Youtubes. Maybe he will refuse to document a word about it...which is okay, because at least he will PLAY it, for a price. And maybe the price will be too steep for us.

But this thread exists in order to get financial commitments from all responsible-minded denizens of the realm -- so that we will know what kind of resources we can pour into this great work.

That is all, thank you for listening.
-- A Friend