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    Quote Originally Posted by Serenegoose View Post
    What if you wanted a classic sonic game but had played all the levels that exist in those games to death? It's a genre (well, a subgenre if you want to be picky) like every other one. I imagine there'd be some unhappiness if we decided that since classic games exist across all genres by this point, we can just stop making new games entirely - after all, you can play the ones that already exist surely?
    Exactly. To be honest, I was a bit overboard with the whole 'next best Sonic game' thing. Having played as Lilac for a while now, she's much like Rocket Knight, with the boost as a main asset for both offense and defense. Keeping that ready to go is a large part of play, particularly on the bosses, which some are saying are akin to Gunstar Heroes kinda stuff. The later ones are not easy. On this note: 'Normal' has it's difficulty spikes. Particularly on a few of the bosses. If you play on 'hard' though, expect hard. Hard, as in 'bastard'. 'Casual' is essentially kids-mode. Or practice-mode. Call it what you will. Practically god-mode to an average player, as health regenerates faster than you can lose it without deliberately eating damage.

    Stages are Sonic inspired and modeled similarly. There's the springs and long-stretches of fast running, loop the loops, chase sequences, upper and lower paths to take and hidden collectables to find. Gems replace rings for netting extra lives, counting down from 200. Health though, is a seperate entity with collectable shards to refill a health bar. After a couple (fairly long) acts there's a boss. That's as Sonic as it gets though really, so it doesn't literally play like a Sonic game, but it does have the feel of one. Much like Rage can feel like Quake in it's movement.

    Tried playing as the cat, who has a kinda Zero from Megaman X thing going, with the wall-jumping/sliding, can pounce, spin (but not boost) and melee attacks. Here it's apparent that combat's not so passive, as simply jumping into enemies will not kill them and they don't instantly damage you on contact (something I didn't even notice playing as Lilac). She's then got motorbike pick-up, which does enable a double-jump/spin attack, boost and somehow, the ability to drive straight up any vertical wall. So there's that.

    Although it's an awful lot like Sonic, it ain't a straight-up copy. People are also comparing it to Ristar and a bunch of other platform mascot games, it having elements from so many. The dog apparently plays like a puzzle platformer, more defensive with a shield and summoning blocks to throw; so Mario 2, or Castle of Illusion, or Blues Brothers? I dunno, there's stacks of platformers that all do similar things and it'll probably evoke memories of whichever one the player happens to be most familiar with. Abilities are scattered between characters, so none play identically to any that have come before. There's proven elements, but doesn't just rip from one and combines them with it's own flair to make them 1. fun and 2. actually work well. See: Darksiders.

    Having played through it (as Lilac), I can say I really enjoyed it for the most part, bar some tricky Megamanny disappearing platforms bollocks on the later levels, that had me cursing my age and apparently bogged-up reflexes. Grrr. I am however, flummoxed with and 100% stuck on the last boss. He is a complete and utter bastard and I can't seem to get a pattern down that doesn't involve me being shit-canned in seconds, or eventually chipped-down and thus compelled to come up with increasingly convoluted combinations of swear words as I'm laughed at on the continue screen.
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    These days I see sonic as a pretty screensaver. You hold right, tap jump, occasionally get stung by traps unless you've memorised them. Bionic Commando and Mario levels seem to hold water better these days. That said, Mario seems to have gotten lost at some point.
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    Christ. Anthropomorphic animals are just that. Anthropomorphic robots and aliens are just that. Can they be sexual? Sure. Is that weird? Not really--see "anthropomorphic." If they can be made to look more like a person, they can be made to look more like a sexy person. Just like we can make animals look cuter by modifying their features (and not always in the human-baby-ification sort of way, either--the things we find "cute" can be quite a bit more generic than the tried-and-tested baby-ification method or the somewhat related Disney-ification method but that's a whole different artistic discussion), we can make them look friendly, angry, happy, sad, badass, and hot. I cannot for the god-damn life of me figure out why this bothers people so aggressively. I "get" it. But I don't get it. It's anathema to how I think about these things. I will never grok it.

    I will also never understand why Google Image Search combined with mass media's discovery of proper people-in-suits furry culture has forever poisoned the idea of anthropomorphic animals that gasp look human enough to meet certain human standards of physical, mental, emotional, and social appraisal half-way. As if that wasn't the #@$%&#$%!@ point of anthropomorphizing things. No one is asking you to fuck it. Just to watch it run around in circles and jump over things so you can earn points or whatever.

    That said, I DO think the more animal side of anthropomorphizing is really interesting. There's the full-on-Watership-Down approach that tries to make the animal world alien but understandable and translates a hypothesized psyche into a language we can understand as much if not more than it anthropomorphizes, and there's the Brian Jacques method where the characters are plain old people but the avatars are as animal as possible given that they use human weapons and are, well, people. They use animal standards of strength and ability, they look far more like animals than humans, they live in animal places at an animal size.

    But I don't understand why the human side is weirder or less cool.
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