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    An open letter to those who hit 50 quick and burned out

    Hey all,

    Did you get to 50 before the majority of the guild? Did you find yourself bored and/or burnt out after levelling really goddam fast? Do you know someone who meets these criteria?

    Well, we have a bunch of people at 50 now, and we are starting to work on our veteran adventures and dungeons. We are usually getting a group up each night, but it would be great to have you guys back to get more groups going!

    In case you missed it there is whole new zone now, and another is incoming pretty soon with some pvp stuff, and the devs are hinting at possibly more PVE content a month after that. Now would be an awesome time to come and try some of the harder level 50 stuff, and we'd really like to get you guys back in and enjoying the game with us!

    Hope to see you guys in game soon!
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    As Dewi has said above, now is a great time to jump back in.

    We're running the dailies every day and we're slowly making progress on the Raid Attunement.

    We ran a Veteran Siege of Tempest Refuge last night hoping that would get the Silver medal (and that we wouldn't get that bloody Esper Boss). We ended up not only getting the Esper but we got the Gold medal in only 40 minutes as well!!
    It was a great run... and I didn't die once, which is almost unheard of for me! (Of course that was due to Dewi's epic healing, made even more epic as I pulled my usual trick of running into every single telegraph I could find. Doh. :/)

    Come back and join in the fun!
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    Its just too hot for me at the moment to play WildStar or any other game. Struggling with temps up to 35C here. D:
    Il try to log on tonight though being weekend and all.
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