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Yes, because the PC has never had to have day-zero patches pushed by Steam or anything like that.

Not disputing that PC gaming has gotten easier in recent times but picking out an incident like that and claiming it's a major failure of consoles is drawing a long bow. At least consoles can actually get patches these days!
From my own experience though, and from reading through the comments on that link, it's far from being an isolated incident. In days of yore, the main draw of consoles over PCs was their convenience and almost-instant gratification. I think we can all agree that that's no longer a dividing issue. MMO's and their astounding patches aside, I've not suffered from anything like that in recent years on my PC.

I don't bear any particular ill-will towards consoles or their users, and I currently have six of the buggers sitting under my tv myself. My current PC boots up in only a couple more seconds than an XBox (Thanks SSDs), plugs into my TV via a handy HDMI cable, and uses wireless XBox360 pads via the Crossfire receiver.

It's pretty safe to say that with a setup like that, (A setup that's becoming increasingly common in homes everywhere) the only reason I need to (or want to) actually use a console at all is for licensing purposes, which is something I reckon is fair to feel at least a little resentful about. In fact, I'm fairly confident that there's a good chance that the next generation of consoles might well be the final generation.