Right I don't think I'm getting the best performance out of my system. I don't really want to spend any money as it's all cost quite enough as is. So I'm thinking of giving the thing the full spring clean and maybe minor upgrades.

So any advice on things to do or components that turn out not to be upto snuff really etc. There's a few issues to iron out as well:
  • the network interface seems to take 5 minutes to come up after Windows boots which is annoying (probably software, also Windows 7 seems prone to this as my work PC does the same),
  • I get a bunch of BSODs with stuttering audio but only on certain games so I think that is the same as this (http://www.sevenforums.com/bsod-help...mpany-2-a.html) So solution seems to be BIOS disable the onboard sound and install a soundcard.
  • Not sure I'm getting the full performance I could be.

Specs of the PC:
Asus P6T Motherboard
8GB DDR3 1333Mhz in 4 sticks
Noctua NH-D14 Dual Radiator + a bunch of case fans in a Corsair 550D Obsidian Case so heating should be OK
Corsair TX 650W V2 PSU
Intel Core i7 920 2.66Ghz (Nehalem) (Socket LGA1366)
A blu-ray player
3 7200rpm HDDs 1TB, 250GB, 80GB(linux on it) (the oldest of which is probably 15 years)

So my current plan is:
1) Buy an SSD for Steam and Windows.
2) Get rid of the 80GB drive
3) turn the 250GB into the linux drive
4) Run memtest and HDD checker again, I've done this before and everything seems fine. Still convinced the HDD is wrong somehow.
5) Clean the case of all dust and check the connections on anything.
6) Find a cheap soundcard and disable the onboard audio in bios
7) Carefully update all the BIOS stuff on the Mobo
8) Format and re-install windows.
9) Carefully install latest drivers
10) Work out how the Asus overclocking utilities actually work and utilise them better.

Does that seem like a fairly sensible list? Anything I'm missing? Any other low hanging fruit to get a performance boost?