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    battle field 3 pc minimum requirements?

    ok customising my pc on and they have a choice of graphics card whats the minimum GPU that will play battlefield 3 on max settings in full HD when it comes out?

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    That is impossible to detirmine, as:
    1) your definition of full HD might defer
    2) Max settings tend to be generally unplayable. 16x supersampling anti aliasing sure sound awesome, but it wrecks any pc (even if you are runnhe ing Mechwarrior 2) and you can do without. That sort of per-person things tend to do a lot.
    3) The GPU is not the only factor in your system's performance. CPU and RAM help a lot here too.
    4) What you consider as acceptable performance might be slow for others.

    Word out on the street is that Battlefield 3 is better optimized then BC2, so if your PC can handle BC2 it can handle BF3 allready. I think any mid to high end GPU of these days will do. Under no circumstance you should buy the super-high-end cards (The Bugatti Veyrons of gaming), buy a high end one which is one grade lower (the Murcielagos of gaming), 10 to 5% lower performance for half the price. Should still be enough

    Others will be able to provide specific advice...

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    As above, it is a tricky one to answer without having played it!

    A manufacturer's defininition of "recommended requirements" may differ significantly from your own...

    That said, I have seen some beta videos on youtube purporting to be "maxed out" video settings running nice and smoothly on a GTX 560ti...

    It may be that the beta doesn't have all the bells and whistles enabled, but it looked pretty good to me.

    I guess it also depends on whether budget is a factor or not...

    I am currently running 2 GTX570s in SLI and am fairly confident this should be sufficient to turn the pretties up to 11 and get decent FPS. From what I understand, one should be enough to play at acceptable frame rates but the proof is in the pudding.

    If you are really concerned, your best bet is to wait until it is released before pulling the trigger on a purchase - at least you will be able to dig out some Real World feedback as to what is needed.
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    I can max out BC2 on this old 4850. I'm fairly confident I will be able to run BF3 at a decent framerate at modest settings.

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    It also depends on the size of your monitor. I've a humble gts 250 1gig, but as my monitor is a high quality 17" 4:3 (circa 2005) and the max it runs is 1280x1024 I turn every in game video setting to max and it sails along, looking fantastic. One of my best purchases ever.

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