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Thread: Gal Civ 3

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    Gal Civ 3

    Last I looked early access was priced at a rather silly 70 odd quid, now it seems down to a far more reasonable 27 for the weekend.

    Further, it strikes me as the sort of game that doesn't suffer from being early accessed (like, say Kerbal & Prison Architect; unlike, say RPGs).

    As someone whose spent hundreds of hours on Gal Civ 2 and games of it's ilk, I'm rather tempted. But screenies currently look very much like Gal Civ 2.

    Any opinions?

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    Yeah i think it looks identical to GalCiv2. Im sure there are some improvements here and there, but i see no reason to play full price if you have GalCv2.

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    Haven't played, but from what I've read it's still incredibly basic and lots of features are missing. I guess it's more for the uber-curious. I'm also a bit worried that it looks an awful lot like GalCiv 2, but supposedly it's aiming to be a 'bigger and better GalCiv 2' so maybe I shouldn't be surprised.

    Also it looks ugly as hell, that UI hurts my eyes.
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