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    Neal Stephenon writes an article.

    The sad truth is that entities like the Trilateral Commission and revolving-door policies have created a corporation-like government in the United States, where risk is a bigger motivator than innovation. If we could do what Neil Degrasse Tyson emphasizes and get smart people into government, we could stand a chance at being decent leaders in technology in the 21st century. As it stands, though, engineers and scientists are not fond of running for political office.

    EDIT: Title should read "Neal STEPHENSON writes an article," obviously.

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    I agree that science fiction writters are not writting images, and that is a important problem. Engineers are people focused on the details, so need something to see the big picture more than other people.
    Anyway maybe we hare not doing big things, because we have more time having fun. Is possible that we have traded space exploration for videogames. Is that, that bad?

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    We've traded futurism for skepticism. He's more or less right: We're no longer being competitive. This will harm us in the long run, tho I hate to think of what might force us to shape up - it's as if he's implying that we need another Cold War.
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