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Thread: New to gaming

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    Quote Originally Posted by arienette View Post
    Buy Beyond Good and Evil! Chances are whatever you posted your comment on can play it and by god it's good.
    It's good but short but worth the buy in this day. You only need to weather through the shitty port stuff.

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    My personal slice of favoured gaming history goes something like Beyond good and evil, Fallout 2, Deus Ex, Halflife 2, Portal, Alpha Centauri. In no particular order, some of those you might bounce right off if you're new though, also not including indie titles. Where to begin! This a large and untamed frontier you're stepping into, good luck. for knowledge

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spider Jerusalem View Post
    don't do it. run away.

    gaming is the disease that will eat your soul.
    Oh, please. High schoolers don't have souls.
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