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    Starcraft II players

    Provide your name and ID number below and join up with other RPS players for versus, team battles and tutoring. Remember to join the chat channel "RockPaperShotgun" too!


    HexagonalB / 596 (< that's me!) - Protoss/Zerg, gold/platinum, only team games
    Sassenach / 492 - Zerg
    Dragosani / 245 - Protoss
    Krans / 960 - Protoss
    Bogart / 352
    FeralFerret / 886 - Protoss
    Fellbane/534 Zerg
    PooSlapper/655 - Diamond Terran, mostly 1v1
    Gaz/370 - 'gold/silver 1v1 - zerg'
    Nesadi/908 - Zerg
    Webcole/197 'Silver, just started getting in to SC2'
    Gand/934 'Protoss, mention you're from RPS when you add me, best rank is diamond random 4v4'

    North America

    Doss/743 - 'High gold/Plat random player. I'd be happy to play with anyone'
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