So, I've been having connection problems recently.

They're not major, in that I'm not being kicked completely offline, but there are several severely irritating things going on that are really impacting by Information Super Highway User Experience<sup>TM</sup>.

It could all be me ol' mucker Arqueturus' fault - the first inkling I had that there were problems came when we kicked Ork arse so hard in Dawn of War II co-op that I fell off of GfWL and was booted out of our game to the main menu. This has continued, but The Fail has spread to other areas of usage.

For instance, several of my most perused websites are now barely functional, at best, or completely useless at worst. It's a good thing pornography has went all Flash, or I'd be a broken man, because sites as disparate as and will sometimes show up completely sans images, and sometimes sans stylesheet, in plain, old fashioned bare-minimum HTML goodness. Google+ is a waste of time on my computer as images don't show and the wee red notifcations button is invisible.

Pusbook (Facebook, south of the border) is fine, oddly, as is RPS, BBC News and the few forums I deign to visit, as is any website I visit on my mobile phone through my wireless connection. The problem repeats across Firefox, Chrome and Interweb Explorer, and at first diagnosis I dropped my no-brand ISP-supplied router for the trusty old Phillips that saved me from constant droppage issues back in the day in EVE.

Everything I can find through Google points to a DNS issue, for which I have (I think) exhausted all avenues that don't involve me being a) more knowledgeable about technical issues, and 2) more intelligant. I'm using the Google public DNS address of via my router settings, and I have enabled DNS pre-fetching (or did I disable it? I think I've tried both).

I'm out of ideas. Anyone else ever had similiar issues?