Current Situation - I have reset my bios after a crash and tried to reinstall my xp oem, but I can't get past the validation key code, because I couldn't find it, I phoned ms customer support and the lady told me to phone hp or Dell about it, but my pc was custom built 3-4 years ago, so I can't get a product key.

So I've been talking with my friend and he says that he can send me a program or link to torrent file to download program to remove the verification, so I bought a flash drive and I'm going to talk with him later about?

So What Should I Do? (i have a 4gb flash drive that isn't formatted btw & remember i do own a legit version of xp)

- I'm considering just downloading a cracked xp off a bit torrent site, so I don't have to deal with useless piracy prevention activation garbage. I don't care that I will lose my files do to them being redownloadable & transferable from steam & my iPod classic?

- I know Rockpapershotgun doesn't condone piracy but I was considering pirating 7, is it a better running os, I just don't want to experience more crap?

- Should I just go with my friend and try the verification remover, has anyone tried this before?

Also - I've never used a flash drive before would it be okay to put a os and drivers on the same drive, do they need to be partitioned or in seperate folders?