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    Quote Originally Posted by Axyl View Post
    As a die hard fan of both 40k and DoW2, this new TLS Hero is both great fun, and not bad value for money..though i doubt anyone would argue that cheaper wouldn't be better, even me. ;)
    have you gone outside lately
    a grumpy dude with a PHD in videogame debating

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    Wow... what a constructive reply.

    Oddly enough, yes I have been outside lately.
    A lot this week in fact, mostly to see friends and family due to the death of one of my brothers last weekend.
    Some of us are able to play many hours of games, as well as having an actual life outside of gaming. Something I'm guessing is a mystery to you

    Any other enlightening fucking comments to add, or are you done?

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    What's she upset about then?

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