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    Quote Originally Posted by kirrus View Post
    I think you've been listening to too much propaganda.
    I was half-joking the whole time, still. What propaganda? Whos propaganda? You think First Channel is brainwashing Russians into 'Run for the hills, NATO is coming'? No.

    Quote Originally Posted by kirrus View Post
    No-one is touching russia, you've got Nukes.
    Nukes don't just fly by themselves( and I believe fabled Dead Hand is just a myth), theres gotta be someone who orders stuff to happen and loyal generals who execute orders. Basically, some El Presidente guy( you think Putin is some 'strongman'? He was who exactly in KGB? 'Legal' spy attached to embassy in Germany?) have to choose between MAD and Nobel Prize for Peace with some cash. And his generals too. Some hard choices, like asking a child if he wants candy or if he wants to be beaten with a baseball bat repeatedly.
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